ManGo, the Manchester Go user group

Wednesday 8th April 2015 - Profiling and Performance analysis in Go

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The session

How do you make a complicated program fast? You look for the bottlenecks. Peter will talk about the fundamentals of modern program profiling and show you how go makes it extremely easy to see where it’s best to invest your effort in making your code fast. We’ll peek at what it takes to reduce a many hour process to a few seconds.

About the Speaker

Peter Waller is a Technical Architect and engineer at ScraperWiki, where he does a little bit of everything - from throwing together Go daemons, to product design and development, to sysadmin. He got interested in Go whilst being a PhD student on the CERN ATLAS experiment searching for a new particle.



This month we are based in Manchester SpaceportX (formerly Tech hub Manchester), directions.


Please register for the meetup if you’re going to attend, it will help us organise the meetup.