ManGo, the Manchester Go user group

Wednesday 8th October 2014 - Introduction to Go workshop

On the day if you need any help with the meetup call Will on 07939 547 962.

The workshop

This month Lewis Marshall will be doing a workshop which aims to provide a gentle introduction to Go by walking through the implementation of a simple web application written in Go.

You should bring your laptops with you and follow along by writing and running Go on your machine.

Before arriving

Please charge your laptops before arriving as we cannot guarantee plug sockets for all.

It would be useful to have Go installed on your laptops beforehand to save time and avoid any issues downloading Go on the venue’s WiFi.

To install Go, follow the relevant guide for your operating system:

You should now be able to run “go version” and see the version of Go you have installed.

About the Organiser

Lewis Marshall is a freelance coder who mainly writes Ruby web apps, but has recently got into Go through contributing to Flynn, an open source, next generation PaaS.



This month we are based in Manchester SpaceportX (formerly Tech hub Manchester), directions.