ManGo, the Manchester Go user group

Wednesday 13th August - Our first meetup, and two talks

On the day if you need any help with the meetup call Will on 07939 547 962.

The talks

Both our talks this month are by Lee Hambley, co-founder of

I Can’t Write Ruby Anymore

A short talk about moving from one of the world’s slowest languages optimised for happiness, to one of the fastest, optimised for being able to sleep at night. Intended for Rubyists to learn some of the pros, and cons of moving to Go for some, or all of their daily needs.

Transactional HTTP Tests With Go’s Standard Library.

Kitchen-sink frameworks such as Rails include massive amounts of code designed to help with easy out of the box testing through the whole stack. In this talk I’ll discuss the tooling I came up with to emulate the good parts of the Rails database migrations, and transactional tests and fixtures fixtures using some of Go’s excellent standard library.

About the Speaker

Lee Hambley in his own words:

I’m the founder of a successful consultancy company personally offering extensive experience with Ruby, PHP, Lua, and SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL). Sometimes I work with JavaScript, C or Objective-C. I contribute heavily to open source.

I’ve maintained Capistrano for the last few years; it’s the de-facto standard for deploying Ruby or Rails applications. I’m working hard with a couple of awesome people at making it work well for other projects too, you can watch us work.

Lee is also a founder of, our sponsors for this meetup.

About the Sponsors

This meetup we are lucky to be sponsored by who provide “Continuous Everything As A Service​”:

Backed by a powerful API, and built around Git and leveraging the open source tool Capistrano, Harrow makes every aspect of managing provisioning, deployment and management of environments and teams easier.



This month we are based in Tech hub Manchester, directions can be found on the tech hub site. The venue for the after-meetup drinks is TBA.